Its been over a year since I found out my ex had been cheating on me and its been almost a year since I last heard from him at all. I have to start by saying I miss him every day.

Jeff Cordell Ulmer cheated on me, we fought a lot, said some hateful **** to each other and he abandoned both our daughter and myself but I would give anything to have him in our lives. Despite everything that happened, I hope he finds what makes him happy and that he comes to his senses and comes to see his daughter. Aside from that the only other thing I can hope for is that when my daughter seeks him out one day, I pray she finds a good man.

There are a few things that I hope he knows... I know that he did love me, and that he is sorry. He will always be welcome to get in touch and work things out to see our daughter. The last thing is that though it may be different now but I will love him until I no longer breath... always.
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Great post. I feel the same way about my ex girlfriend; we split up exactly a year ago and I still think of her a lot. I've seen a number of women since we split up and I have a great circle of good friends. I just can't forget her and I know that I have to. She cheated on me and I found out last year that she had been cheating on me for a number of years. I should hate her but I can't seem to do this.