The last guy i dated cheated on me. With a dude.
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His loss!

poor you, you can find the reason by HelloSpy

WHY DO WOMEN CHEAT WITH BLACK MEN??? ?? I had this one and only girlfriend, I loved used to make me go to the washroom everyday and sit on the toilet and ********** for her while she humiliated me. She would sometimes make me do it in my pants while she stood over me and watched and winked at me. She would laugh and tell me how all her friends were going to find out and then she would leave me and come back late at night for some reason. Every night I have to hump my pillow like a loser, thinking about her. Now she is with this black guy!!!

Then u should have a revenge **** with me lol

WTF? Is he blind?

At least it saved you from having to do what that guy did. Good riddance, I say! couldn't even compete...maybe you were just too hot, and he can't handle it ?


wow your hot why did he cheated

That's gotta hurt. Regardless of whether it happens to a man or a woman, losing your bf/ gf to the opposite sex is possibly worse than them simply would always be asking whether you turned them.... :(

ARE YOU SERIOUS? What a jerk, you are so pretty. I mean if he is was having a sexual identity crisis, he should have talked to you about it. Unless you knew he was Bi?

Talk about awkward


Must have been blind and half dead as well as dumb

Wiw! Sorry to hear he was such a dumb ***.

geez im sorry

wow, he really SUCKS, what a fool !!

well at least you know that he had something you didn't - and couldn't compete with him physically - I'd much rather that than lose a girl to another guy.

Same here that's why I keep my girl on a tight leash


Let's grab a knife together and record his torture.


Ouch... That's got to hurt.

I could relate. I had this happen to me a few times

My wife cheated too because she was not happy with my little ****.. My wife cheated with this black guy and laughed in my face and told me she was leaving me for him! Maybe she will come back to me when she gets sick of him. I am a white guy who is bald and middle aged, but why leave me for a younger guy who is black?? Now she is taking everything i own. Now she is pregnant with the black guys baby and she laughs at me. She even said if I sucked a guys **** and let her watch she would come back to me All because i cheated on her once or twice.

Yea I don't know if this is a true story? If it is I'm terribly sorry. But there is no need to be Racist. Who cares if the guy is black? I'm half black half Asian. Really doesn't ******* matter what race he is.

please add me

Lmmfbo!!!!!!! Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Great story dude! :)

I don't add racist's sorry.

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I think really pretty

That is one sick duded be lucky he didn't ask you to join him & his boyfriend

If he did i would have ****** him up even worse.

Now that's ****** up

Any kind of cheating is bs. I'd rather kill the relationship if I feel it was getting to that point

So invite the dude for a *********...




That's hilarious..

And why is that?

Well, the fact that he ceated on you isn't hilarious. But the "dry" way you did pu this experience oline here on EP ust got me the giggles.

And I think it's a pitty for him he left you. Because I guess you're a very spcial woman.

Thank You. :) But he's a dumb *** i really don't care about him i just still get sick at the thought that he was sleeping with me and a dude.

I know, thought so. I read your experiences and liked them, that's what I referred to!!

Thats all kinds of fd up.

I've moved past it. He's a coward.

Hes a hell of alot more than a coward.hope you got tested after joke

I have gotten tested. No bacterial infections or anything. I may have helped with the ritual I did.

Ok good.

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I'd actually be less concerned about that - it's not like he found a better woman, right?

Yup but we were getting serious and my daughter had grown an attachment to him.

Sorry Mistress (hope you have a certain body part hanging from your rear view mirror now)

Haha what?

like his cheating body part(s) :)

Unfortunately no. But I cut him up real good. Literally.

yikes :)
Mistress's frosty gaze and fear of displeasing should have been sufficient.
silly boy

He liked cuckolding to. Shoulda known.

should have put the key to his cage out of reach :)

Good way of thinking lol

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**** happens I liked a bi girl!

I mean bi guys are the **** but it's so hard to tell who they are cheating on you if any. If I were bi I wouldn't just settle for one person....

I didn't say it was a good thing it sucked. And well wouldn't you like to be in a relationship a typical one?

I want a serious down to earth trusting relationship. Period.

Maybe you were just toooo much woman for him yo handle.... literally....

Exactly. ***** makes him cringe. :P

Well then he's a jackass.... and you should move on and find a REAL man... and when i say real i mean a man who doesn't think that women have gnomes down their... (quoting from the movie Easy A)

HAHA! I love that movie! Thanks that made me smile. :D

Mwah my pleasure... in a non-gay non-sexual way lolz.... (love that movie to...)


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Last person to cheat on me didn't even know it was cheating.


Well he's a dumb ****.

welcome to the club! my last guy and the guy before him! pfff mens are so ungreatfull

Don't know what they had until it's gone!

his loss :)


sorry i took u from ur deal just a gal oh well have a good nite

I'm sorry about that. Better things ahead : )

Yes indeed. :)

dear it wwas not to be if he pick a dude over u bye sucker u need berrer

Yes I do thanks. :)

dear it could been worst oh my hate to think about it for sure what lil i seen of u that boy nuts for nuts i think love

what ever happen to where u could trust people now no way

Well that's wired

Not entirely. He's just a douche.

I guess your right I'd never treat a lady like your self like that

Well thank you for being a gentleman. We need more guys like you in this generation.

Your welcome message me if you ever want to talk ok

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What a ****. Want me to **** him up?

Nah.... He's way to much of that. I pity the poor thing,

U go girlfriend ;)



that's crazy hard to tell whose straight these days

Yes truly.

u need to really need to check out the person ur gonna date

I've learned I'm going to do better. I like serious relationships.

time flies so look carefully

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That's awful! Can't he believe he'd prefer another guy to a girl!

He was incredibly gay I don't know how I missed it. Always talking with his hands and stuff. So he preferred a guy because he always has.

Yes. I guess so!!

im thinking to myself never a boring moment in this life

Oh honey, I am so sorry. I've actually been there and done that as well. Let me know if you want someone to talk to. :)

It's okay... It was a year relationship and it was getting pretty serious considering he moved in with me, but it hasn't really been bothering me. Just kinda hit me again today.

Well if you are in the place you are now after a year, maybe there IS hope. :3

We've been broken up for a month everything is still okay. The thing is I actually do have a thing for bisexual guys but he didn't tell me at ALL and he wasn't bi, he was legit gay. The fact that he was having sex with the both of us sickens me.

Wow. I am sorry. That is just horrible. :(

Yea thanks it's okay. :)

If a guy cheats on his woman with another guy, than the sex between the woman must not be very good, dang you turned a dude gay!!! It's alright I turned my ex wife gay ;)

Our sex was great. I did everything he told me to. I was practically his *****. He was closeted gay and used me to hide it from people.

Itis called a "beard".

Oh and sorry about your ex wife.