It Still Really Hurts

My husband of 23 years started searching sex sites on the internet.  He met a woman and started an affair.  Oops the condom slipped, now she says she is going to have his baby.  They were going to move in together until I proved that she was lying to him about alot of different things.  He says he wants to be with me and work things out, go see a councelor.  She started sending me pictures of her have sex with him as well as others.  I want to forgive and move on, I think.  There could be a child involved, but she won't even prove that she is really pregenet.  The emails have been going back and forth, I have his password so I can check.  At first there was alot of yelling going on.  Now he says he has to be nice to her so he can get her to cooperate with the pregnacy test.  I am heartbroken right now and don't know if I can ever trust him.  We live in a very small Mtn. community, he even took her to his work and introduced her to all the people he works with that know me.  She now says she wants to move up here so his baby can be close to him.  I need help.  Can this ever be repaired?

jillybean217 jillybean217
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1 Response Mar 16, 2009

I am so sorry that you are going through this. I am going through something similar. I just found out that my husband has been meeting women through online sites and has sex with one of those women and 2 physical relationships (non intercourse with others). I am asking the same question. Can this ever be fixed?