Trust Is a On Way Street?caus

 I can't really say how I feel to anyone around me because the pain and hurt and anger and disbelief is so hard for me to get my mind around.

The short version is, my boyfriend and I have lived together for six years. No marriage because WE did not want. He has been unemployed for the past 8 months yet , collecting benefits. Me I started a new job 9 months ago. The middle of Feb, I was chosen for a 3 week project that would add substantial income to my check, but it would me 10 to 14 hr days. I thought he was so wonderful calling me to see if I was coming home for lunch and when would I be home for dinner.

On Sunday March 8th, the day before our 7th anniversary. I was going with my 23 yr old son to his Military dinner before he deployed to  Iraq. It was my job to bring his dress uniform and pick up his shoes from the rental. My boyfriend kissed me on my chest and told me how hot I looked all dressed up. Something he had said in a long time. Then he said,, hurry back I think I'm going to have to do you tonight cause you look to yummy to waste. 

I left and went to get my son's shoes. Went I got to the rental co I called my son to see if he had the rest of his things, socks, That when he informed me that they were in his garment bag, which was in the living room at my house. So back to the house. 

I had only been gone about 25 min, and when I walked in the door hr wasn't there but both bedroom doors were closed. I thought nothing of it but went to the second bedroom to open the door because the cats litter box was in there.

That's when I found a girl or woman mounted up on top of him hiding her face from me and him just laying there sweating with *** on her and him just smiling.

When I said to the woman to look me in the face if she was going to come into another woman house and **** her man at least look her in the face. She turned away and hid it behind her hair. He ushed her off him and stood there and to told me to leave her alone she was innocent.

There is more but I'm sick t my stomach just seeing th images again in my mind. 

Tracie1 Tracie1
46-50, F
Mar 26, 2009