so sick of jerks. I am old school and belief in forever. I want forever. Not mind games.
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Good luck.

I've been cheated by all the women I've been with. I always remained faithful. Studies show women now cheat as much, if not more, than men, and with more people.

Holy rusted metal batman. Ok honesty is the best policy. Cheating men have one of 2 reasons. Number 1 they are a douche bag you probably should have thrown away after you used it the first time. Number 2 in the relationship there's a huge gap between you that cannot be filled. Ok maybe only one reason lol. Keep your head up high 😉

Haha well he had been cheated on alot and was always accusing me of cheating when I wasn't. kind of gets annoying after a while

That is a defense mechanism for people to blame others when they are doing it themselves. I do agree if you are subjected to the harassment of doing something that you are not the normal response would have been to go do it. Yep he only had one reason 😁

Apparently he never cheated. Other people just said he was. oh well haha it's. in the past

He was always like you better not leave me. blah blah blah. He was isolating me though so I left

What wa s the reason in your opinion

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Nice to see people like you there!! All the best...May God bless you ^ ^

Tyt and heal up, don't let it get you down.


Ya I am healing.

Too much time is wasted on games. I wish people were upfront and honest with their intentions. But that is a pipe dream