If They Want to Go Let Them Enjoy Life

I know being cheated on is very difficult to deal with, for me it was not the case because my reaction to the girl who cheated on me really fustrated her and made her really pissed, I walked in on her and a guy kissing and touching each other and she tried with the apology thing and how it was an accident, she would never do it again and stuff. All I told her was I cannot control your actions so that I leave up to you, but I can control mine and it is clear to me you want and need more so I lived before you got here and I will live after you leave so don't let the door hit you on the way out. As for the other guy I told him it takes 2 to tango she made a choice I don'tblame you she is all yours enjoy, suffice to say he and her did not last long. Life is what you make it don't let anyone change you accept the bad with the good and move on life is too short for other poeple's bullshit.

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5 Responses Jun 3, 2009

yes, life is too short to care someone not deserve! so you should track your partner (on future) with HelloSpy!

It really is that easy for men, I know. I actually think that if I cheated on my husband, it wouldn't even phase him. He'd just shrug it off and act like it never happened. It wouldn't eat at him every day, he wouldn't be hurt, he just wouldn't care, that must be nice.

That's just absurd. Men go through the same level of hurt we just can't express it all damn week like a lady. We have to suck it up and get **** done. And besides heart broken girls are a little easier to deal with than heart broken guys.

Just went through it with my wife cheating on me, my reactions are the exact opposite of your husband.
I'm hurt, crushed, broken, broken hearted. It has come to dominate my life.
18 years together and for 6 weeks of bull **** We will never be the same.

Everything you said is true, but hard for me to do. I was married for 9 years and thought I was in a committed relationship. In truth, I lived before and I continue to live after, just with a lot more pain and anger.

Great work !! Well done :)

I'm going through that now and find this very inspirational, if difficult to do. Thanks for sharing. :)