Hi, my dream is to centralise one forum for all people who have been betrayed in this way. Due to the popularity of the "I am not the other woman" I'm suggesting this group. If there's one central group for cheating support we can all help eachother and move towards healing. Please "me too" "I am not the other" woman group
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Me too. Its been a while since the incident but the scar is still there. Im ok now so i dont know if i qualify for ur group but im interested to see what every one else has to offer. Its very hard on someone when this happens. It takes time but eventually the pain goes away. Hope all of u guys r doing good today look forward to reading ur posts. Hugs to every one thats been hurt like this.

Your experience and how you coped and healed would be very valuable. It'd be lovely if you posted it in "I am not the other woman" I've been posting and there's some people who already post there so it'd be great to read your story.

Kk i ll get to it later on getting ready to go to dentis (yeah not looking forward to that dentist thing. ) ok sure i ll c its emotionally draining sometimes if i really get into it u know but i think i ll b ok. Theres days when i just drift off n think obout that day for no particular reason then i catch my self n do something else. When it first happened certain smells certain places certain sounds would just trigger the memory it was difficult but its part of healing process. I hope i can be helpful to some of us out there. Thankyou

Good luck at the dentist. I read burying it can leave us open to it happening again and that's my drive in wanting help people open up more. I can post what's going on in my head all day long lol as an encouragement to others and the more people who post, the more we talk about it the easier it will be to heal. The cheaters here post often, they get enabling advice and encouragement to carry on, support when they've had enough and for every one of those cheating women there's the woman it's hurting and if that cheating woman is in a relationship, and alot of them are, then there's a betrayed husband too. Where's the support for the people who really need and deserve it? Where is that represented on mass here? It doesn't seem to be. So it'd be great if you'd help get the ball rolling with me. Many Thanks in advance.
It sounds like being cheated on was really traumatic for you, memories being triggered by smells and bringing up emotions. And it sounds like you have great personal insight into getting through it. Thanks again

Join us :) I'm supportive of those that have been through the same things that I have because I know what it feels like...and that's what EP is about; knowing what it feels like to share experiences from different point of views, from different people from all walks of life.

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I know that's right...... I'm in too. I'll definitely join the group.

Double Yay :-)

I'm in! :)

Yay :-)