just found out that my husband and best friend are sleeping together.
she told me he's hiding from me.
she told me it's just sex. no big deal, I don't want him. just ******* him.
yet behind my back for 2yrs now!
I'm upset at him more.
but mind you he has not touched me in 4yrs
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Well being he hasn't touched you in such a long time. Than hope wasn't to big of surprise he was being unfaithful

were you on drugs for those 4 yrs?

Sorry you are going through this. I hope you exposed to her husband as well.

Your husband not touching you in 4 years indicates that the affair has been going on a lot longer than 2 years.

Throw his arse out.

Stay Strong & Good Luck

he knows, her husband knows and does not care, like she said it's just sex!!

what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Time to move on and do things you enjoy, getting upset over what has happened ain't gonna make it any better for him or you or your best friends

Oh gosh this is sexy

Wow... :(

to top it off. he goes to church regularly. not practicing what he preachs

I am learning about integrity lately, too... it's very important!

i find it very dumb that they say its just sex.nobody has the right to touch him than you he has no right if he has problems with you he must of tried to at least to solve them first im very sorry for this if you need a friend to talk to add me i have to go for now but im pretty active take care

I agree with you, Ismael.