So many times that it made it so I trust no one and not always sure I believe in love or if I will ever find true love.. If it really does exist.
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Because of the abuse iv suffer from my x husband and x b/f I no longer trust
!I'm incapable of feeling love for anyone out side of my child !
I know they put on their best face when you first meet them and they expect sex right away !!!
but after all is said and done..... 3 or 6 months later after you have gone to bed with them ...then you find out who they really are!!

Exactly and I'm sorry your ex abused you that's awful

Yea I tell men i don't date for sex duh!!!
but they don't get it

No they don't

Believe, you will love again

I was cheated on....once. That's all it took.

I thought I had true love or at least a sole-mate .. Turns out after 30 yrs together I was wrong...

Me too :/ it's not easy at all

No it isn't

I'm sorry that you have been cheated on


And I'm sorry it's happened to you too

ThNk you

Thank you*

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