So this is the story of how I was cheated on but didn't really realise until months later.
So last year in August I broke up with my now ex boyfriend who I had been with for a year and 4 months (3 or 4, I'm not sure).
At the start of the relationship he said he'd kill himself if we ever broke up, which was obviously a lie as he now has a new girlfriend, but that line quickly made me paranoid.
Two different girls accused him of cheating on me; one was in January last year, but she didn't really have all that convincing evidence and his friends all told me she was lying, so that girl isn't too relevant in this story.
The second girl, however, is very relevant. The second accusation happened June last year, a month after me and him met in person for the first time (long distant relationship, he lived about 4 hours away by train). He had gotten home a few days before, and a few days afterwards, this girl messaged me on Facebook telling me about it. I asked for proof, and she send me a picture of a Polaroid of them kissing.
Now this isn't too bad, because it could've easily been from before we started dating. The thing is, I sent it to him, and HE DENIED IT WAS HIM. Now this immediately sent many red flags, but I was so confused and upset that I didn't know what to do, so I actually believed him, and stayed with him a while longer.
I broke up with him in August because I just couldn't carry on with the relationship, and so we parted ways.
Now it wasn't until around December that I actually thought about the whole Polaroid thing. If he wasn't cheating, wouldn't he have just said that it was from before we started dating instead of just denying it was even him when it clearly was? This was when I realised that my thoughts we're true and I had indeed been cheated on.
One of his friends also confirmed that thought.
I no longer have the picture although I can try and find it.
So yeah that was my story of how I was cheated on and didn't realise until many months later.
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I'm going through this at the moment. It's so hard. With your story I'm glad you had a mutual friend to confirm your suspicions. I do not have this in my situation. Is the girl he is with now, the girl in the picture? I am here if you would like to talk.

The girl in the picture is a different girl to the one he's dating now.
I hope you can find a way to deal with your situation, if it's clear they cheated, I'd end it right there instead of staying like I did.

That is interesting. Is the girl he is dating now someone you know? At least if she was you may be able to warn her about him.

I'm still not one hundrent percent sure,and that makes it even more difficult to talk with him about it. I hope it will be resolved soon. Thank you Kandi.

It was long distance so I don't know her, I'd warn her but id rather not intervene
I hope it all gets better soon, I also hope that he hasn't cheated, it'd suck if he did.
Also you're welcome.

Oh I see. Yes that makes it much more difficult. Thank you I appreciate it.

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I wouldn't waste any more of your valuable time thinking about him. By the time you are my age you won't even remember his name.

Oh don't worry, I'm way over him. Just wanted to post this because of how ridiculous I find his denying part to be.

Very good. I wish you good luck in the future.

Thank you ^^