Not a great thing to happen. But you look back, evaluate and figure out why it happened. At least I know what not to do in the next relationship.

Maybe it is all down to communication.
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Not all communication, sometimes they are just dishonest (with themselves as well as you), sometimes they are just a scum bucket.

Bottom line, when you have the exclusive talk with someone, let them know you're serious. Make sure they are in agreement with you. If they aren't ready for that, they should say so. If they are never ready for that, that says something else. But if someone breaks their agreements with you about these things, and there's nothing holding you together but those agreements, run.

Unfortunately it's not what you do or don't do ... Sometimes there's just no winning the hand you've been dealt . Some people will just never be happy unless they are destroying someone else's life .
So just always be your self and always go with your first gut instinct . Too many of us had to learn the hard way .

We are stronger for learning the hard way!

To a degree , it's a strength we shouldn't have had to waste on useless ****