Married January 19, 2016.
As I write this....I'm a little neutral about completely splitting up.
Hell the last two months.
1. She was caught up in a lie about searching for other men while we was dating. I believed her. Now every time my suspicious arose..I broke up with her and tried to move on. Didn't work. When we finally got together thats when I found in her phone dating sites....while we are married.
She said she was trying to unsubscribe... but her google history shows she was looking at profiles.
2. We stop having sex for about two weeks and when we did, it felt different don't normally feel like that even on super wet day...all she can say is...she don't know how it got like that...
3. she didn't know about white page caller id and when I was showing her the texts history,,,,she now keeps it uninstall off her phone
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Uhhhh dude, why didn't you toss this lying, cheating hoe aside from 1?, when you caught her looking for other guys that should've been it.

With all due was 2 to 3 weeks after we was married...she said she was trying to unsubscribe....I was trying to give it the benefit of thing I was holding back was my street senses and reactions....cause you don't suppose to treat your woman like an enemy off the streets

Fair game dude, I'm more than sure you just didn't want to have the reality of it? Especially after getting married. I'm sorry you're in such a predicament and hope you don't get divorce raped

What's white page caller ID ?

It comes already installed on an android phone....if you are logged in you can go to it...and it's accurate it's from weeding out spam....but you can look at every call and text they have made....incoming and outgoing.....when I showed it to her....she uninstalled it from her she didn't want that busting her out or something....IDK....i'm packing....

I'm sorry but I have strong doubts about whether your relationship actually can be saved. All her behavior is relatively normal for a cheater trying to simply get away with it. All except one. Calling the police. When she tried to actually have you removed from the house, she was stating that she was going to do what she felt like and if you don't like it then you should leave. And be careful. The next time she chooses to call the police she may actually create a story.

I feel that, I called the officer that talked to her because he didn't come in..( that was strange)..and he was cordial with me over the phone and explained she had to go through steps to put me out...said he hope we can get it together...
If I leave today i'll be homeless....

I would suggest that you try calling family and friends and without getting into too much detail explain that you may need somewhere to stay for a few days. Simply a precaution, but I feel it is a necessary one.

And I am not saying bit to work in your relationship. I am saying to prepare yourself in case it cannot be salvaged.

I hear you

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I really appreciate the reponses...some sound so familiar to what I'm trying to apply and make this work....I'm not trying to make her look like a bad person...and I don't normally post my personal business ...but I seen this site and vented...because I still love her and trying to find a way a formula to trust her....when she is extra silent in the house that when trust issues arise...maybe, me integrating her has destroyed day...I was ready to build trust again...I said out of the guys you was trying to me just that I was going to look for him)..I was testing her loyalty...she looked me in my face and said she didn't remeber no one...

My heart goes out to you! It is an uphill battle to trust someone once they have betrayed you. I applaud your efforts. She's caught and never wanted to be. I would sit down with her and have an honest and open conversation about what it is that you each want and what you want to do from here. Set up boundaries and let her know that there are things that you will both need to do while you are trying to regain trust if that is what you two decide you want. If you find yourself unable to, there is no shame for you to walk away. If she loves you truly, she will open up to you and express what is in her heart and what she truly desires. It is your marriage, nobody else's and you two have to do what is right for you. Just know that she made choices in her actions.

trust is a hard thing to reestablish in a relationship. it's the very foundation on which everything else is built. you need to do some soul searching and figure out what you want and is she able to provide that for you. if yes, great keep on building. if not, then it may be time to make some serious decisions before anything else is invested... Good luck and I wish you the best...

Married 6 weeks now, and you're having trust issues. Maybe you two need to communicate a lot better to each other. Why does she need to be on the dating sites? What need does it fill for her? Does she want an open marriage? Do you? Is she willing to help you re-establish trust by being completely open with you, giving you access to all her e-mails, texts, and everything on her browser history and phone. Is there something you do that annoys her? Or is she just having post-honeymoon jitters? Finally, the hard part for you, what's her side of the story?

Good luck.

Her side of the story ...? is.... she lied and I don't know how to get passed it...
I've been reading "I love you but I don't trust you" and it says the same thing about no secrets and she gets an attitude because I wants to check her phone. I even was applying the 40 day love dare and only got to day 6....Side note...I guess it hurt her that I told her it felt different....and this morning she called the police and told them she wanted me out the house because I'm accusing her....and they couldn't do nothing about it...because I'm not violent...i'm not making threats towards her...i'm not even angry....just feeling betrayed....with no where to go....left my job and town and got i'm sitting her in a room with professional studio equipment....and not knowing what to do..

even though...I feel left in the dark about some things...and she has tried to cover up lies....when we have prayed together about this she told me...thats something she is working on....I just don't know anymore

If you're not violent or threatening, then she has no reason to feel threatened. Her calling the police is just manipulative.

Try to focus on your feelings when you talk to her. "When you get upset when I ask you to check your phone, it makes me feel like you're cheating on me." She can't argue with your feelings, they are yours.

And again, communicate. Be honest with her, and ask her to be honest with you.

Good luck.

I meant ....that her side of the story as in....thats what she says

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