So my cheating ex married the mistress last Sunday & had their wedding reception in his local bar where they serve $10 steak night specials & he plays poker. The 50 year old blushing bride & her daughter will be moving to his parents basement where he's lived most of his life. Thank you mistress for making me dodge that bullet....phew. One year on & I'm still happily single. Everyone was concerned I'd be upset but I guess when I've worked on myself the past year & learnt to love me, things like this can't affect me anymore. I am no longer in love with him nor am I angry about what he did. I'm just thankful I finally broke free & got away. Another women can stay trapped now & let him abuse her for the rest of her life. She won't be able to escape easily like I did cause she married him. Karma for what she did to me for so long
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Clearly sounds like he's the one that you're glad got away. You should send them a nice, but small wedding present, one that has some hidden meaning for you.

Based on this post, I'd say you're well along in the healing process. But in I Am Single, you mentioned pushing a nice guy away. So maybe not.

You deserve to be happy. And you can be happier with someone than alone, if that person is good to you. So what do you need to do to get to a place where you can trust someone? I'd suggest some therapy. Talk through your issues. Only try to see a female therapist. With a male therapist, you might end up falling for them as part of the process. (This is called transference, and happens all the time. They discuss it in psych classes.)

Good luck. And way to get out of a bad relationship and be able to see it for what it was after the fact.

so we can say congrats for your freedom, you did a good job by passing that, well done.

Sorry about being cheated on been there so many times I could write a book on it but out with the old in with the new. I recommend a pet their more loyal

I had so many mixed emotions today. He'd waited for a year & realized I was never coming back so he married her. She lied for him for over a year so he could keep me omg she's just as sick as him

Happy freedom. It sounds like you will be much better off. I am 2 yrs into my freedom. Couldn't be happier. Don't want to stay single but not in a hurry either.

I eventually want to be with someone compatible but I'm taking my time & be cautious

There you go. No need to rush it. Find that person who appreciates you and treats you right.

$10 steak night. Parents' basement. I died laughing. 😂

My friends and I nearly peed our pants when we found out. One said that could've been you as the blushing bride getting a free $10 steak cause everyone would've had to throw in

Oh my god that's horrific!! I wouldn't wish that on anyone

Have you truly moved on?

I think so. I haven't gone straight into another relationship immediately like he did to try to not have to face my pain. I took it on the chin and healed properly. I nearly married him after I found out about them cause he begged & pleaded for me not to leave him & she told me "a marriage built on lies & deceit is a strong foundation for a solid home". Lol. Although I loved him I had to leave for my own sanity. He's more suited to her anyway

Cool,rock on!