I've been cheated on 7 times now it's kinda exhausting I don't get why guys keep doing this to me :/
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I agree with system113, you're still very young. Further, presumably the people you're dating are also very young, and don't know how to handle relationships in a mature manner. They might really be interested in you for a while, and then in someone else, and instead of having the guts to let you know they aren't interested and talk about it with you honestly, they just go behind your back. Sadly, as people get older, some get better at handling that, but some don't.
I think the best advice I can give you now is to communicate with the people that you're dating. Let them know that you want them to be honest about their feelings with you, even if they think it might get you upset. Let them know you've been cheated on and it bugs you, and you'll respect them a lot more if they lose interest in you and tell you before hooking up with someone else. Plus, you'll be helping them to learn how to handle relationships in a more adult manner.

Good luck.

Sorry to say, but at 13-15 you are not going to find anything serious. Focus on yourself, you have soooo much time to find someone.


Apologies, by your name it says 13-15.

ikik it's fine it won't change

Because they are idiots!!

No need to turn lesbian just try dating a nice nerd or geek.

Maybe you should turn lesbian, stop dating older bad boys for a while ... When you get older they will be much more advanced in their decision making until then date chicks.