Was recently betrayed by my partner of two years and the woman I thought I would share my life with. While we went through a stressful time she took it upon herself to go behind my back while I was doing everything I could to work for our future. It kind of feels gut wrenching to have your kindness mistaken for weakness, but at least I can start the healing process. Even worse, at the end of things during a very stressful period, I was intuitively aware of the manipulation, but chose to disregard the signs and disloyalty.
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3 Responses Mar 26, 2016

Yes. That sucks big time. On the plus side, you're young, and you have plenty of time to find a woman to share your life with. Learn from this, but don't learn to not trust anyone. The fact that she cheated on you doesn't mean you're inadequate, or gullible, or too nice, it means she's not as good as you are.

Good luck, and be strong.

Move on mate. Life's too short to waste time on people like her.

Thing happen in life,,are you two going to work thing out or did you leave?

well when I confronted her she just blocked me everywhere and fled :\ so I guess that's that, time to put my best foot forward and take my life in a different direction

Hope the best for you,,,,,