I met him on here... He was perfect, kind, loving, receptive, different from anyone I have ever known before... He never had a relationship... Its easy to see how this happened, but it doesn't make it hurt any less. I have always had to be in control, of my life, emotions, finances.... I never realized how out of control I could feel if something like this were to happen.

I have no idea if he physically touched another woman.. I found so many disturbing things. He was broadcasting himself ******* off online. I found out in the beginning and told him I didnt want him doing that. We met long distance him camming with other women was what he was doing with me, not just sexually but it was how we grew close emotionally. I found a bunch of other women he was talking to since I have known him. Some of them told him they loved him, he made plans to meet up with one when he went to trinidad without me three or four months after I moved from Utah to Florida to be with him.... I am so shocked and hurt. Last time I felt this alone I came to EP for support I guess I need EP again. I love this site...

I have been so emotionally explosive since I found out about this, the massive amounts of accounts and people he was talking to... I have been discovering new things every day for weeks now... He lost his mind last night and smashed his computer to pieces... I found hidden skype conversations he had with the girl he was going to meet in Trinidad... There were like fifteen other conversations I didnt even see... Now I am left wondering if he smashed the computer to hide something he did...

Everyone I know told me to leave him based on what I found out about the first day... The things I have found and told nobody about is astounding... His need for attention is disturbing and I cant help but feel like my heart is leaving now...I started looking at places... I dont know where to go. My family in Utah is no comfort to me... I can move anywhere I want I work from home... Maybe this is a new adventure to move somewhere strange and new...

I feel shattered and numb.
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Where in Florida are you how long have you been staying with him you need to get out as soon as possible you must not of trusted him from the get go going on his computer please get out of there

You met him on EP - That's not Good. Don't feel bad if you end up abandoning him.

I am so sorry. The pain of being cheated on is the worst pain possible in a break up. Two things that can help you. Great that you found out now rather than if you had created a family. Second the pain does go. For me I focuses on my work getting into the best shape of my life and rebuilding my esteem. Do every thing you can to be busy and take care of yourself. Last point: try not to take the scars of this relationship into your next. Good luck. Take care and definitely make a change and an adventure.

Thank you :)