after 28 years of marriage my wife came to me one day and told me she was having an affair with my best friend. for the last 20 years. my wife was always awesome in bed and I thought things were good but I guess my 6c didn't make it compared to his 11 thick. That was 2 years ago and less than six months after we got divorced he dumped her.
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after 27 years my wife told me the same exact thing.... she was sleeping with my best friend. I stayed, but regret it now.

Sad. and with your best friend :-S
Funny how that works out after the divorce -- karma? Did she think he'd marry her?

Lifes up & downs

Really? by who? that 5thappatientlyw8n? Chey Guevera? COLORADO Shooter daughter, Stacy Aguliera under 04/21/1974? OMG !!! Holy Teddy