Come Home Early To Catch Him Cheating

So it was 4th April, the sun was shining unexpectedly so I decided to come home early to surprise my Hubby, but unfortunately for me it was a decision I would live to regret as, as soon as I got home he was with another woman.

He looks mortified, she laughed in my face, I will never forget the worst day of my life.

GreenEyes25 GreenEyes25
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2010

Oh my goodness!

As Sleepless34 said, it is a blessing in disguise that you had found your husband cheating on you. But to have the other woman laugh in your face.. how terrible it must have been!

Be strong! You are the bigger person in this story!

maybe it was necessary to learn he was cheating you. so you should be thankful to your inner voice to who made you guide to home early. you know the truth and you can go on your life with your new decisions and without lies... hugs