Cheated On

I was cheated on by my husband with a girl a girl 20 yrs younger , he said they never slept together he did leave but  not with her it went on so he said for a couple of months. He never seemed the type to do it and so many friends said the same. We did get back together but I still find it hard to trust him as i found out through his cell phone and since then he has rang another number on his cell phone said he didnt know who it is, when confronted with this he said he would never do it again then why lie about the number then and he deleted from his recent call logs.

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1 Response Feb 10, 2010

I think once a partner over steps the bounds of trust, they should be willing at all times to be an open book and not hide anything if they are serious about restoring the relationship. You should have been given the number or at least had hoim call that number back on loud speaker and listen to who this person was. I would let this event go, but in the future I would let him know that u need him to be open and honest about everything since right now he is supposed to be building ur trust back. Good luck! :)