I cannot believe how many people are going through what I am going through.. I just found out that my husband has been meeting women over the Internet. He has developed physical replationships with 2 of these woman (one intercourse and one non intercourse) When I found the e-mails back and forth that verified this, it was like a knife in my heart. We have a 3 year old daughter and I don't want to shatter her world by leaving and don't want to shatter mine by staying. He has begged me to stay and promises this will never happen again. How do I ever trust him again?

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sorry :(

I can understand your hurt. I would highly recommend marital counseling for those who have gone through with this. You need to find out what it is he is looking for. People do this for many reasons - attention, easy to obtain, the thrill of it, to satisfy them sexually, etc. It might not even have so much to do with you as with him and how he views a relationship. I don't recommend anyone drop a spouse because of a discretion right away but instead try to work through it. This takes honest and open communication together. Don't blame yourself or him but instead query as to what he is looking for. I wish you good luck and hope you find a solution that works for you.

Same story here...except that my husband has had way more than just 2 girls he's found online since we've been together...and we have a little boy who's almost 3. I love my husband and my son loves his daddy, but I don't think I can spend the rest of my life with a man who will obviously be setting those examples for our son. I feel your pain.