Where's The Truth

About a 18 months ago my husband was starting to act very strange.  I kept having bad dreams that he was in love w/someone else.  It probably didin't help that I was just recovering from birth w/his son.  One night he told me that he was going out w/his friend to the bar.  He left at 8pm and did't return until 2 am.  I noticed in the morning that the passengers side seat was pushed all the back and was laying down and I found two mediumlength black hairs.  Latter I found in his wallet a piece of papper w/this girls email address on it.  He told me that it was just a friend and that she seemed a little crazy and that he would stop talking to her.  I checked the wireless records and found over a thousand texts to and from ea other Ihurt from him keeping this from he told me that he talked to her and let her know that he did'nt want anything to do w/her.   A couple of months go by and I still didn't feel right I contacted her and she told me that he took her out on a date and that they kissed and that was all and she said she was sorry.   Now last week the family was piling into our car and my youngest daughter picked up a piece of papper and started reading it.  She asks what is this?  I took the note and started reading it.  It was a note from her.  Saying that she can't wait for him to hold her up agianst the wall and.... and to have him.... all over her back.  Last she wrote that she loved him.  He denied for the first week that he didn't have anything to do w/her and that she was crazy.  He said she has written him 3-4 notes.  But not to worry he loves me.  I called an attorney for advise thinking that he is being sexually harassed. He said that your husband needs to tell to her to stop writing notes.  Which he did and told her our 8 yr old also read it.  I called the chaplin at his work so we could sit down and talk.  My husband told him the same thing he told me.  That he loves me and has nothing to do w/her.  The advise that he gave my husband was to Apoligize to this woman and let her know that he loves his wife and what ever was going on between them is over and that he wants to be w/me.  He also told her that it would be a good idea to talk w/the chaplin.  A few days go by and I called to talk w/the chaplin about getting together w/her so I can try and understand her story and why she would leave such a note.  Because nothing was making sence.  The chaplin told me that she didn't want to talk to me because it would hurt her to bad but chaplin said I would like to talk to your husband I have a couple of questions.  I called back the next day and said that I would like to sit down w/them.  At first he said ok then called back a few hrs later and said that he wanted to just talk w/your husband.  When my husband got home he told me that he has been talking to her and that they have been writing noted back and forth to eachother for about 4 months. I said that she was a really good friend that he could talk to(about our problems in our relationship) and that was all and that all he wants is his family and that he only loves me and that he knows he messed up again.  I kicked him out that night but told him to please come because I was scared that he'd go running back to her.  This woman and I emailed each other back and forth.  She says she hurts too and that he needs to be a man and tell me everything.  She sent me a picture of the 83 notes that he gave her.  I can clearly see it is his hand writing.  She wouldn't say if they were having sex or kissing.(My husband also said that he has been to her place a couple of times) After talking to her for awile I came to a point where this was not helping.  He knew were talking back and forth and had read a couple of responses and said that he was hurt because now she is clearly not telling the truth and he thought why would a friend do that.  I told myself to move forward because I can't imagine my life w/out him.  I love him so much.  I'm afraid that he really does love her and not me.  I don't know what is up what is down.  We both are going to meet w/the chaplin today to talk some more and to help us find recources for counsling.  He told me today that when he gets home he's updating his resume so he can find another job.

sadinspokane sadinspokane
31-35, F
Mar 8, 2010