I Trusted Him Unconditionally

The man I gave my life to and loved with all my heart for the pass 5 years has presented so many challenges over these years. He persued a very young girl for a relationship while telling me he did not want one. When that failed he came back. More recently he has chased and is persuing another relationship with yet another young girl being that he is 60+ and the girls have been in there 19 & 20 yrs of age.

I have listened to the I  Love You(s) for so long and believe it when he was there. Yet  he would not let me fully a part of his life. It hurt so much even to this day and worst part is that he knows how much it hurts me ...him persuing these relationships and commitments with other (being girlchildren..not even women). It's such an insult. Every time I try to break away from loving him...he'll come running back. It's such a content battle when he keeps coming back

Technofreak Technofreak
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2010

You would be absolutely right...being that he took off to Miami with his 19 yr old trash while having the 20 something yr old tramps live in his Jersey home...is this what I can expect from old men..if so I would not want to waste anymore time with this nonsense!

I don't think he's sincere with his apologies.