Throat Is the Way to Go

it was a normal night.

i was sleeping, and dreaming. i dont remember my dream verry well. just that part when it was happening.

i was in my house, where the kitchen connects to the living room. i was laying on the floor, and someone was pouring coke on me into my mouth.

i started to choke because i couldnt swallow it. then really, i couldnt breathe. my dream dissapeared and i was awakining in my room.

my eyes were still closed, i was exaushed and had no idea what was going on. the way my bed is and how i was laying, the person would have to lean over. so i started kicking in front of me, but felt nothing.

i was gripping at my throat, trying to ply off what was squeasing my neck. i couldnt feel hands.

i tried to toss and turn, and break free. but it was all all the pressure that was choking me held my neck down so the most i could do was kick and make my hips toss and turn.

then, i was free. i started gasping for air. this must have been a good 30-45 seconds starting from when i was in a deep sleep. from where it became apart of my dream till i awoke and when it let go.

i have no idea what choked me. my mom said before we rented the house some old man lived here and died of cancer. maybe it was his ghost? i have no idea.

all i know was that i was not my imagination. i didnt open my eyes, i am a verry deep sleeper. i had no idea what was going on, i still wasnt all with it yet. when i woke up in the morning, i told my mom about it and she said the same thing happend to her at a different house when she was 21.

it was just really, really wierd.

BellaVara BellaVara
18-21, F
Feb 12, 2009