Knocking On Deaths Door And Turning Away

my dad and I were in his truck driving home in the snow, we saw a lady that was stuck so we thought that it would be nice to help her. we began to slow down then all of the sudden the ground gave away rolling the truck off a bank and into an icy creek. the truck was filling up with water fast, my dad reached for his berretta pistol and shot out a window allowing some of the water to go out. then I started to kick the door but it was not use just outside the door was a thick wall of vines and snow. so finally my dad got his door open I dove under the seat and we eventually got out. the truck was totaled hopefully we can fix it. my dad only got a cut on his knee I got ringing in my ear (which has finally stopped) a cut on my wrist a bruised knuckle and a messed up shoulder where I was rammed into the windshield causing it to crack.
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*hugs* You sound like you need a hug :3! Your alright NOW though right?!

yes I am fine :)

Good ^^!!!

Holy. Crap. Hope you guys are ok!!!!

yes we are both fine, my dad is a little shook up by it. but me on the other hand is completely fine, I guess im very mentally strong of something haha

Way to stand strong, and I am sorry that your dad was shook up by it. Glad your ok.

Wow.. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you guys made it, and it was extremely nice of you guys to help the woman out.

Wow, that must have been so scary. I'm glad you're okay though.

Gosh, luckily you survived and are safe.

Wow! Glad that your okay! :3

That is something pretty crazy that could happen to someone. I am glad that you are both okay and I hope that doesn't happen again. Also, I hope that you and your dad can fix the truck and be able to go out again.

o.o you could have been killed, I'm glad ur ok

Wow im glad your okay