Not Bragging...

  I'm sure there's a very good reason why Kate does what she does and says what she says. We all have a past and sometimes we let that drive us, move us and control who we are.

  I myself, have been known to say and do some of the same things Kate does...bark orders, get all loony about shoes in the house, need my persona space, get po'ed when interruped and give wonderful lectures whether you want them or my husband, an adult. You wouldn't catch me doing those things with a video camera in my face knowing it would be shown in national t.v., however.

  My husband and daughter see me in Kate. Heck, I see me in Kate. That's why I continue to watch every week. I have mixed feelings about what I see...sometimes I see her point. (What part of take your shoes off before you come in after we've shot 20 episodes do you not get?) She and Jon allow those kids to raise their voices to decibels I couldn't begin to tolerate so when she is making a meal, there is a deafening roar and a cameraman 6 inches behind you in your kitchen, I too, would have to say "back off".

  What really gets me is the interviews...when Kate talks to Jon like a child who's done something very bad. I can barely handle the look I see on his face with humiliation, shame, hurt, embarrassment and anger. I feel terrible for him every time she puts him down.

  I know from my extensive research and therapy that people that feel the need to put others down usually have some pretty poor self-esteem. They feel the need to hurt others to make themselves feel better (doesn't work) or to make themselves feel more important (not true). Sometimes people will put others down simply to make them as miserable as they themselves feel. 'Misery loves company' might just hold true for Kate.

  Watching this show, Jon & Kate Plus 8 is like looking in a mirror for me. It puts me in check, reminds me of what I look like when I bark and order and demean my own family. I see what I look like at my very worst and it is a reminder to me that I am working every day to treat my family like I treat the rest of the world....with respect and dignity. Not as my daily punching bag when I get frusterated or for a place to unload all of the negative I need to rid myself of. I only hope Kate finds a mirror of her own...before it's too late and she loses what is a beautiful family and honestly, a very tolerant, loving husband and father.

As always, if you got this far, thank you for reading! You are one to make our world a better place!

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wow, it's funny how you can be judged so inaccurately by sharing your one little color in what is a rainbow of a prismatic personality. I am so sorry I was perceived as a shrew. I'm really the most empathetic, sensitive, .....doesn't matter. If you saw my profile you'd know better than to toss out names casually. But the avatar? It's my license plate. I've been through a lot in my life which I believe makes me so diverse in my thoughts, my acceptances of others...someday everyone should have had a chance to read "The Highly Sensitive Person". It's, I suppose, another "ism" to some of you who are surface level thinkers, but to those of us who think, feel and breathe deeply we are also sensing, hearing, seeing more deeply, more sensitively than 80-85% of the population so we just tolerate less. <br />
To shock you all, I ADMIRE those 80-85% of you who aren't as bothered by every little thing...who don't let things get to them...who don't cry at every movie, who don't leave the Human Society Shelter sobbing because they couldn't take every animal home, knowing they are all going to be sad because I left them. This is what we HSP's deal with. Accept us, please, help ME live up to the license plate of TUF CUKY...I thought I was 5 years ago....not so much...shoulda gone with SOFTEE ;)

I watch the show because I like watching the kids growing up. You guys are right about kate. She reminds me of my sister-in-law who I couldn't be married to for one minute.