What Happens To You When You Buy A Car?

I really think I am quite sensible, yet when I buy a car it is like my common sense goes out of the window! This was a green Rover. It was very smart and such low mileage.
I fell in love with it and was buying from a dealer, so I didn't check it out like I now know I should. Within a very short time the gearbox went as did lots of other wear and tear bits. Low mileage? No way! This car had done a lot of hard miles it was knackered.
I now know that you can get a mileage check as part of an HPI Check. Wish I'd realised earlier.
If you are buying a car don't trust the seller, even a dealer, get an HPI Check first.
I got saddled with a bit of a dog, could've been worse though!
Jonathan372 Jonathan372
41-45, M
Jul 10, 2010