I Started At Age Of 14 Too

I was shy teenage and had crush on student named Camille, a lovley BBW who rented the basement suite in my parents house. One of my weekly chores was to clean the apt, then Camille moved early she left four worn out in the trash. I put her 36DDD and I hooked, I was more skinny then and the cup and bra were huge on me. Now nearly 34 years I still dress up big and busty, in fact I am in 44G bra as I typed this.

With busty hugs from Toronto

Luv, Big Busty Dolly
BigbustyDolly BigbustyDolly
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4 Responses Sep 18, 2012

a 44g what type of forms do you use

I used size 20 breast forms from the Breast Form Store
Pricey but worth every penny

I am wearing them now feeling big and busty

Luv, Big Busty Dolly

you go girl

Go big or stay home, I love wearing big bras and hope to fill one some day.

Fabulous sweetie