I don't know what gets in people's mind is getting obsessed with people online and following them and harassing them each other post, except if they are posting about you then I understand why you are putting things on their post because you just want them to stop talking about you or stop following you because if they follow you and see what you say then they will always have something to say, so if they are following you and mocking you then the best way is block them and they will have no further contact with you and hopefully things stop after you block them. It is truly hard to see something that you can not change things. It is not funny to copy, post, put it as your post to mock them and it is humiliating that person and it is not fair to them, so it truly needs to stop. You should be mad fun of for your disability. People should be kind. Thank you for reading my story now.
jessscygf jessscygf
31-35, F
Aug 24, 2014