Thoughts About Depression

 Many times just reading about how someone else interprets depression helps me to understand and accept my own in a new light.  Depression is not who you are, depression is something that interferes with who you a separate entity.  Some people will never experience what it feels like while many of us suffer silently trying to trudge along through the everyday necessities of life...or sometimes we cannot even trudge along. 


Someone wrote the following (found it on the web,) and did so very accurately. I found a bit of comfort in this person's interpretation and hope you find comfort as well:

Depression is when you can't sleep and you get so bored looking at your ceiling, that you spend weeks and nights contemplating what to do with it only to find that you wouldn't have enough determination to do it. 

Depression has the feeling of death, without the dying par.

Depression is the killing of the broken pieces of your heart.

Depressing is slow motion and fast motion at the same time.

Depression is hoping to survive and hoping not to at the same time.

Depression isn't contemplating suicide, but wishing you were already there.

Depression eats your insides out, smiling.

Depression is waking up knowing you have to live another day while others pray for one

Depression makes you who you are and who you'll always never want to be

Depression, mostly, is when you have had it so long that you are scared of who you will be when and if you get better.  You wonder if you could survive happy and if the happiness would eventually destroy you and eat you up.


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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

I like to compare depression to ob<x>jects such as <br />
<br />
A Tree without leaves<br />
A broken shell laying on the beach<br />
A garden that weeds have taken over<br />
an empty birdhouse<br />
a garden hose too short to nourish beautiful wildflowers growing in the field across from your house.<br />
Rooms not filled with people<br />
A christmas tree with no ornaments<br />
A wall to high to see the best house in the neighborhood<br />
<br />
you get the picture.....depression is all things negative and bland.....I have often wondered what the world would be like without it, how much more advanced as a people would we be? or is it the depression many feel that allows some of the most creative endeavors? many famous people have suffered with it, yet acquired fame, fortune and respect from many.....have you ever asked yourself if depression is really the cause of the sadness in the world, or is it a yet unnamed human condition, that has been overlooked because of the word "depression" one cause to pause