This is what I told herYou know I have been bullied all my life because I have relationship with God. Kids would tease me. They would say look at how she talks. She talks like a boy. She is a God Freak. They would harass me on Facebook. They would add me to Atheist pictures. They would bash my bible verses. I wanted to kill myself. I was like don't kill yourself because you will let your bullies win. I never told women to kill their baby or they are going to Hell for having a baby outlock. They told me to go Pickett fences. Go hate on gays. You are a retarded. They are cruel. I was with an abusive boyfriend and I wanted to kill myself. He hit me in the arms. He corned me threatened to knee me in the face. I heardhisvoice in court and started shaking. He hit me in the stomach. Tell me more about yourself. I am here for you.
amazinggod amazinggod
51-55, F
Aug 15, 2014