There Is A Light At The End Of This Dark, Dark Tunnel Of Clinical Anxiety.

I was recently diagnosed with clinical anxiety "GAD" about two months ago now. I am 17 going to be 18 this september, so I am very young, but have found out this usually occurs around my age. I noticed there was something just not right about me back when I was in the 9th grade, when to many people where around, I got really dizzy, puke feeling, lightheaded, and couldn't catch my breath. and If I was doing something I loved, I would go into one of those "spells"  and the only thing that made me feel better was to go lie down away from everyone else. This was becoming a regular thing, and happened on a daily basis. I didn't enjoy alot of the things I use to, and avoided any situations at all times possible, and would know longer go to restaraunts because I was afraid I would have a episode there and pass out. Then it got to where I thought I had asthma because I would wake up and feel a choking, and it would happen whenever I had an episode, and I found out later on that GAD makes all these symptoms, and makes you feel like your dying, I truely thought that too. This disease has to be right up there with cancer!!! Anyways......
I tried to pull through each day, but it was so exhausting, I found myself in bed more and more, just because it felt like my "safety zone."
I knew something was not right. Well let me explain that my mom, and grandma both have this, and it runs through my family very strongly. But I keep my mom (who is basically one of my best friends) very informed on how i'm feeling. and one day I had three days off in a row, and was in bed for most if not all of the time. This is when I knew I had to get help. I hate, HATE needles, and would never wanna get my blood drawn by choice, but I went to my mom and tolder that I thought I had something wrong with me that was going to eventually kill me, so we ordered bloodwork, but my doctor said she wanted to se me first, and it would be about an hour appointment. When I went there, I broke into tears, I tolde her I felt like I could not rust my body anymore, and luckily my doctor is also a mental health specialist, and it was as if she knew what was exactly wrong, she, has GAD herself, and depression! She knew exactly what I was going through, and so does my mom, so I have a great support network. But after her going over questions and alot of talking, she diagnosed me with GAD, and prescribed a miracle pill called Prozac. I am on 30mg and have never felt better, I feel alive again, and I actually want to do things and go places and see people! God has blessed me. I truely have my life back. Since then, I have gotten book, about anxiety, and have done alot of research, so I feel very good about all I have learned, it's amazing the symptoms that come with it, I had them all, just like the book was saying, I thought it was talking about me!

Thanks for reading all of that, I just wanna let those who suffer from GAD that there is help, and you can win the battle with anxiety. I know I will alsways have it, but it's under control, and I am learning to live with it and conquer it!

asherc25 asherc25
Jul 29, 2010