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Been Divorced Twice By Age 34.....

I am now 34 and I have been divorced twice. The first time I was 20 and had a baby. I was young, not in love and thought 1. I had no choice and 2. I couldn't do any better. Heck, who would want someone with a child. He was a momma's boy and we ended up moving into an apartment attached to her house. Then he became very controlling. Took my car, I wasn't to talk to my family. If I needed anything from the store his mom would get it. I was mentally abused constantly and physically abused once. Finally I had enough and left. It was a couple years later that I started dating a guy, we were together for 6 years, I again wasn't in love. I was comfortable. We started going to church and I started teaching the 3-5 year old class. I did this for about a year when they came to us and said we either need to get married or I can't teach the class anymore. It was not setting a good example for the kids, living in sin. Well, being raised in church and my father being a preacher as are a majority of my uncles and my grandfather I understood where they were coming from so I figured, why not. I have been living with him for the past 6 years. We were more like roommates than a couple so getting married really shouldn't have happened, but we did it because it was the "right" thing to do. We never talked, he lost his business, I was supporting us both while he did, well, nothing. He ended up getting a job about 6 hours away. The house was his, so when he found out he was getting the job and would be starting it 2 months later he asked me when he moved where was I going to move to, my parents? Wow, so that was that. He moved south, I moved out and we got divorced. I never really thought about all of this until Monday someone asked me if I had been married before and I said yes, twice. Their response was, what's wrong with you??? It really has me thinking, what's wrong with me that I am 34 years old and have been divorced twice.......
sapmoore96 sapmoore96 31-35 1 Response Apr 25, 2012

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I think problem is you inside, you just do not see of them. Look, you have to do: write please all your wishes, about men, kids, family and you, what do you want in this live. And the other side write what you have now in your live. You have to be happy. Good luck to you. Be happy, and in love.