She Gave Up...

It's funny how after the fact, in a situation you think you are an expert. Well, most do. Not I. If anything, I would consider myself novice in the area of marriage. Granted, I was married for eight years, and I did a lot of right and wrong. Did I deserve to be left when I was at my low? My opinion: It takes a coward to do that. Anyway, that's another story... Married couples all have issues. Lack of communication, insecurity, monster-in-laws, money, etc. The problem with me is that I was selfish and close minded. I admit it. I needed work. Was she perfect? Ummm.... No. Numerous times she was caught "creeping" and keeping secrets. Boom! Lack of communication... That usually is the root of many marital issues... I failed. I knew I.. We... needed to seek counseling, but she just looked for that opening to leave... Refusing to go with me because, "I don't have time with work and our daughter" yet she had time to get caught by her parents out a party with some guy on top of her.. Yeah.. Ugh.. Even after that, stupid me, said come on we can do this. We love each other. Right? No answer except a reply that led to me being the bad guy. A lot of work needed to be done... That was never accomplished. I am home one day, to see the car packed with my three year old telling me "we" are going to grandma's..... The story gets way darker and dramatic but that's another story... Bottom line... After the fact, I know I did wrong as did she. Love conquers all? ....Hardly
JasonChristopher JasonChristopher
41-45, M
Jan 8, 2013