Dpd While Sucking A Huge Cxxk

My husband loves sharing me with another men, it started with the bloke next door and now he invites dozens of colleagues and friend to our nawty parties. One nite he came home with two mates of his work (I must admit they looked handsome and I got wet immediately; I love the feeling of all that juice burning in my cuxx) My hb told us that they were going to Dp me while I must Bj and get all hot cream over my face. As i love hot cream I agreed fast. First we ate and drank, we (hb and me) love to play under the table while eating; I stroke tools, or put my feel on my guests' legs just to have some fun before being used. I wore pretty sexy outfil, and they started to **** in front of me while I fingered my horny cunxx, just delicious...a fantastic view; 3 horny me showing me respect with thir fab tweapons only for me. O ne of my hb's collegues lay on the bed while hb was drilling his coxx into my arse (it hurts, always hurts...but I love that feeling and hb knows it, he closes my mouth cause I always begin to scream odd words) my hb order me; suck his weapon beach, suck and swallow till ur throat, I was astonished, his weapon was really huge and made me cry a little. Not sure what to say, but I recommend all gurls and women here the experience of being DP while having mouth plenty of another tool. I could talk, hardly breathe... I was the quuen of hard sex, I felt like a start of porx. sometimes my hb stoped of fucxxx me to introduce me some object (both love it during our parties) and for taking some photos. My favourite moment was when I got all their shots over my beach body.
I love being a beach DPd
Hot kisses
Irene (your beach)
hotirene hotirene
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You got my **** rock hard. Take care of it.

Irene, you are one hot sexy generous **** ! id love to take you in the *** while you get ****** in your ***** and your mouth all at the same time! such a good *** **** you are babe ! oh yeah ! growl !

You must feel so sexy!

...2 ***** in1 hole yet...???

Hot story Baby Loved it U sexy **** U !!

Love it, you are one naughty ****!

"...I've a 9 inch ****, pls read my profile & stories..."

yes Redwagon you should;)

Hmmmmm how can I get a job with ur husband ?? So I can get an invite around ;)