Dreams With Reoccurring Themes

 I've been dreaming a LOT the past few days, the first was about a sibling's snake that passed away some time ago, my sister and I are feeding the snakes she currently has.  For some reason, the snake that passed away was in there too.  but when my sister was feeding the other snake, I noticed the snake that has passed (who's head was sticking out from under the glass for some reason) head move, she was totally alive!  I told my sister and she didnt react strongly, and looked a bit unhappy.  I spent a while trying to convince her that her snake was alive and eventually we went out to get some food - she bought her some voles for some reason.  Later, we were at a music concert (it was outdoors), and i asked her whether she remembered to feed the snake, and she got grumpy with me and snapped "YES I already told you"  and we continued enjoying the music concert, and later we were looking at a small cliffside, and i noticed a decomposed snake head sticking out of it.

The following night I dreamed that the world had been taken over by zombies and myself and a few friends (no one in particular) were the only ones left.  Except all the zombies lived in the ocean.  And we hid on beams above the ocean and in buildings above the ocean, i remember it was sunset and they all started coming out of the ocean at us.... 

And then the following night I am in a forest, and there are a few people either in wheelchairs or just slumped against something, all motionless, all either white in face or grey, all eyes shut. A male friend (no one in particular) goes around to them all to check if they are dead, just as we work out that one is dead we hear a wolf howling, and turn around to see him down a corridoor of trees, but only his silhouette. While all this is going on, i am sitting on a couch nursing a poorly dog (none in particular, but its a large dog). These are not nightmares, i dont feel threatened, and i dont feel unhappy in any way when i wake

It seems I am running from something, but it wont let me leave it - i.e. "the undead"... any thoughts?


ithurielspear ithurielspear
26-30, F
Mar 4, 2009