I Started Wearing Mums Panties At 6

I was only 6 the very first time i tried on my mums nylon panties & could not believe how good they felt on my young hairless skin. Also just loved the aroma of my mum on them too. I wore them to bed almost every night & sometimes to school & at play under my boy clothes.
I still love & adore the feeling of soft silky nylon panties & the scent of a woman on worn panties. just can't get enough.
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4 Responses Nov 27, 2012

I completely agree with you.I also started wearing my mums panties when I was 8 or 9.I still have fodn memories of how aroused I was mmmm
Louise CD

Did your mum know you were wearing her undies?

I started when I was 8, but never with my mom's stuff! I had a wonderful girl who gave me hers to have! I never had a go at my mom's stuff as I was small and my mum was a big woman!

She was a bit older than me! And it was just swapping out undergarments. Take a look at the firs-time in panties my story. It's all there! Thanks for asking!

I started smelling my aunts worn panties at age 13 and love the feel of the nylon against my **** I tried them on and layed face down and started ******* them and cam like crazy.. been hooked every since ..