How It Started...

Used to go to cousins during the summer. We were close, she was about my size. I'd stay at the house while they worked a few hours and .... It all started with SHOES, still love shoes...and then swim suits, then clothes.... oh I still love wearing sexy shoes! I was 15 or 16. From then on ....
MandiLi MandiLi
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

That's great Nola. Did your counsins find out you were wearing their shoes, swimsuits, and clothes while you were staying with them during the summer?

No she hasn't. But she's a lesbian now and often consider telling her as she may appreciate hearing.

That's great Nola ... yes you should tell her because I bet she would get a kick out it, finding out about you!

Shoes are what started me and I still love them.