I Keep Eating Way Too Much

I normally use to exercise 1 hour a day but now its been really hard due to work, studies and pressures of being a single mum.  My diet use to be pretty good but these last few days i just keep over eating like junk food, waking up and eating in the middle of the night, chocolates, chips, burgers, cakes, you name it. I feel like im putting on weight again and its really stressing me out cos it took me over a year to lose 20 kilos and im still nearly 10kgs over weight...just need motivation and self-dicipline to control my temptations to over eat and start working out more :
eskaur eskaur
2 Responses Apr 18, 2011

Just eat what you want, the extra curves will make you more beautiful!

You need an introduction to the community that likes overweight women!