I Am 220v Certified

I was at work and I grabbed an extension chord that is on a reel. I plugged it in and took it outside so that i could plug in a washer. The extension chord did not work so i decide to reel that one back in and get another one. Well the problem was that the handle was all metal and the wire itself was thin and not very good. well as I was holding the handle in my left hand i grabbed the door to get inside with my right hand and I completed the circuit. It was 220V 15-30A and i was stuck to the door vibrating for 15 sec. It was crazy and i could not move scream or anything just wait. It didn't hurt either but it was very weird. Just as I was about to go unconscious it stopped and I collapsed right in front of the door. I am so happy that somehow the circuit stopped and I am fine now....what an experience though despite how scary it was!!!!!!

sparky09 sparky09
Feb 11, 2009