A day like all I went into a chat to make new friends and one day someone came in and we started talking and I found it pretty cool one more thing I did not know is that it was him and one day she asked me to take all my clothes and got thinking that this person was my friend and I did not know is that this person depoi played and recorded everything on facebook and millions of people saw on the day following and when I went to school everyone was looking at me and I knew nothing and after a while all my Aigos turned away from me and that's when I became friends with no one without people close to me because they were ashamed and did not want to stay one meter away from me and when I was not guentava most everything that was happening and tried to cut my wrist. I fainted I thought I would die right there bad I woke up and saw that I was in the hospital and had failed to take my life. Nowadays, everything still I managed to get the video from facebook more than just cursing and everything still.
I'm nobody without'm despised by my own family and I have no one to talk to need someone by my side to be my friend!! = (
RoyPeter RoyPeter
1 Response Jan 8, 2013

self harming is never the solution! there are people here who understand you, people like me! i didn't go through what you went, but i definetly understand loneliness and i know it's not a pleasant thing!
you are a wonderful person you don't need these people. consider yourself lucky that now only real friends will be a part of your life because the stupid fake friends left you just after one little thing.
think positive!