Yes He Did!

My toddler got kicked out of the Anne Frank House. The place where everyone in the world is accepted... except my child! Luckily we made it through the exhibits before we were asked to leave so at least the group got the experience. But once the tour was done, we were reading in the bookstore when my toddler threw such a fit, the lady behind the desk asked us to please exit as we were disturbing the solemn experience for others. Understandable... and completely embarrassing. Of course as soon as we got outside, he fell sound asleep as if nothing had ever happened. Unbelievable. I am really looking forward to outgrowing the terrible twos.
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umm... so the terrible twos continue well past the age of two?? greeeeat! at least years later i will be able to look back and laugh. i hope. thank you for sharing! so nice to know my kids aren't the only crazy ones in the world.

I know that experience, my ex-girlfriend had three girls, they were 14, 12, and 6. A couple examples include. We were together maybe two months and we went to the Wal-Mart near her house to get a board game or two. We weren't in the toy department five seconds the 6 year old started screaming at the top of her lungs I want Toys, over and over again. Another time when the met my family for the first time, we stopped at a dollar store to get some laundry soap no sooner did she walk through the automatic door she started screaming I want toys over and over again. One final example because there are too many, I took her kids to wal-mart to get some school supplies or they wouldn't go school. They actually threatened me with not going to school unless I bought them school supplies. While checking out the 12 year old and the 6 year old started fighting over the shopping cart everyone in the store stopped and looked at them. They actually didn't care what other people thought they screamed at the top of their lungs in front of about 20 people. Not to be outdone I took them to a chinese restaurant and the 12 year old threw a plate across the table because she had been balling her butt off for an hour. Never seen that before so I guess I can relate.