I have been emotionally abused by my father. Where to start? I didn't talk to my father until I was 12 and living in Virginia. When I finally met him I was so excited I wanted to live with him. So I did, for two years. Most of the problems I am about to discuss have to do with his alcoholism. The first place to start is his attitude that I'm gay. I'm pretty sure I'm not and never will be, but I would see my self the same person if I was. He calls me things like homo and *** because I'm not the man he thinks I should be. I'm not even a man, I'm 14! He thinks I should have this violent attitude towards life that I don't have. I just don't like fighting. He also forced me to get drunk with him, twice, because he believed thats what made a man. He also thought that I should lose my virginity before I'm 15, which is none of his business, but he thinks so anyways. He has also threatened that if I were ever to pursue a career in law enforcement or military that he would kill me. He's a supposed hippie who hates the government and goes to prison a lot because of it. He won't let me move back to Virginia with my grandparents because he thinks they will give me to many conservative opinions and will encourage me to make more money in life which he also hates. By now I have decided to stand up to him though, this weekend I'm going to his house and speaking my mind. I know I have the rest of my family and the law on my side, so I know I'll win. Now I know that the only way I'll live a life of my own is by leaving him.
sam14 sam14
13-15, M
Jul 19, 2010