I Experienced Hatred Against My Attacker

Everything over 4 years came to a head with the problems I was having with a person. In fifteen minutes, I wrote this for them.

I'm stuck in your lies

Trapped in a deceitful maze

I cant breathe your control any longer

Like a dove caged with fear there is no key

I hate the sight of you

And I hate your stink that drowns me

Neglect your needs like you do mine

And let me free

Sounds like a laugh

Worthy not of laughing

Unlike Your stupid over animated speech

You boast the world 


But you jump around

stomping just all over us

Well Get me out and leave me be

I never want to see you

Never want to hear you

Never want to think of you again

If you were a life force, you would be my cancer

And I would try my best to cut you out

From deep inside my skull

Shrink crack me open

 because I can't help whats pouring out

Then Leave me for the birds

Yeah leave me to the dust

And leave me for the sun

And I will be left


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1 Response Aug 12, 2010

i loved it