I Am Emocionally Abused

I am emocionally abused by my bf, a narcissistic man that doesnt care at all about me. If i want to meet him, i have to go to his house. Im emocionally, i like to cuddle, petting he just go to bed and get sleep at the same time he is laying in bed.
He doesnt kiss me, he doesnt have sex with me. He puts angry to make me shut up or to have "free days".
But I KNOW that he isnt the trouble, the trouble is me, he can be as he wants, but I MUST CARE MYSELF and im not being able to. I cant stay alone, my anxiety goes up to 8/10 or 9/10 sometimes.
i just want to disappear.
marirosi marirosi
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Well I agree with the others, You need to leave him. If you are worried about meeting someone else, join a club or volunteer somewhere. Kissing, cuddling, and expressing yourself freely is the sign of a good relationship, which it sounds like you don't have

marirosi i think this is same guy the you wrote before. Personally i think it is not baout whos fault whether its who caused or to blame here. He has his ways and personalities. Considering as you say he is a narcissistic man, this can be many causes and factors. It could be his past and many guys are this way naturally. None the less it is his way or character. On the other hand, and i am not saying you are perfect but regardless of how or who you are, you has to deal with him being this way. Thats not easy to live with on a day to day basis. Yes it was not easy falling in and so falling out or to leaving make be harder and takes many attempts. Bc we are human and we have this god given things called Love, Forgiveness, and so on. Eventually, i pray that you will and myself also. Your are not alone so dont think you are kk... Best wishes ...

Thank you very much for your words. Yes this is the same man i have since 5 years ago :(

You'll pluck up the courage to leave his dumb arse soon, Hun. You don't need him. He doesn't deserve you, and he knows it. He also knows that you're scared to leave him, and he uses that against you. You can find someone so much better. Even if it takes leaving this guy and being single for a while. Surround yourself with friends who care about you and that are willing to keep you safe from this guy if he tries to harm you after you leave him.

Thanks gamermikelds for spend your time reading and answering me

No problem, Hun.

I feel sorry for you that you put up with this man. I was in A bad relationship for 5 years once because of my anxiety and the fear I could not make it on my own without her. it was not easy but after about 6 months I knew I could do it on my own. I found this other gf after liveing alone and being single for 3 years. And it was A mistake she was verbally and physically abusive witheld sex cheated did not have time or was too sick to visit me. She somehow found time and wasnt too sick to run around with her male friends. I broke up with her too. When I have woman I love to cuddle, have sex with her, listen to her problems, and A back and feet massage is what they all love

Thanks for read and write me.