Used And Abused

My father hadn't been in my life for about 8 years. Claiming my grandfather was crazy and tried to shoot him. Even though that was very true he still made no attempt to be in my life and that hurt like a *****. So when i finally begged my mother to let me meet the man who helped give me life, it didn't turn out how i expected. After a year of ups and downs, i realized that my father was a true jackass. It turned out that the only reason he even spent time with me was because my mother convinced him that she would take him off of child support if he made me happy. On my mothers part i understand where she is coming from, she just wanted to see her little girl happy. But my father only stuck around long enough to have the burden of child support taken off his shoulders.
The worst part of it all is that he said these things dead in my face and then tries to hug me and promises to call. That was really an insult to me that he thought i was too stupid to not comprehend what i had heard, but he was wrong.I showed him a taste of his own medicine when i refused to talk or 'hang' with him when he wanted to spend time. But deep down i will always feel dirty and abused because i live with the knowledge that my father used me as a leeway, and didn't even have the sense to apologize.Now i'm filled with hate and disdain for most men.
Muhammad1026 Muhammad1026
13-15, F
May 13, 2012