Mental Torture

Hi I'm Sarah I'm just out of an emotionally abusive relationship. He tried to make me believe I wasnt worthy of love or respect. Ignored my presence and Played on his phone all night, he turned his back in bed then blamed me if we didn't hav sex. My thoughts my feelings were nothing. He was there alright but not in mind. I was with him alot of the time and we did hav good times it was the poison that surfaced that made me walk away. Tell sick lies play nasty mind games. He tried to systematically destroy me. He broke my heart alright but he never broke my spirit. Nothing warrants abuse. I'm not perfect I know that but I trusted him with my heart. I believed in him until I realised until hell freezes over. Chipping and chipping away. I'm a strong person thank god and I'm still young. Others should get out now and never look back. Because if u don't walk away it will destroy and it will be too late. You'll be older and broken. The reason they do it is becoz they hate themselves and we'll pay the price. I'm free I don't care anymore. No more subtle premeditated digs to bring me down. His mother can take him back god help her! I feel a crushing sense of being used. I'm free again. It's over. Sarah x
Sarahyy Sarahyy
1 Response Jul 20, 2012

As just coming out of that myself, I know how this is.