Shy Does She Tret Me Like This???

I tell her I love her and I don't want to get hurt. Is that to much? I've been hurt befor and know the pain and I would never wish that on anyone. She says I love you too, but can't look me in the eyes and I stopped caring about it just because at least she said it! I feel dumb, but I loved her. i used to go out my way just to be there when she needed me. I know Im not perfect. Im just a human! My friends wont talk to me and My family don't even care no-more, she yells and cusses me out and I just take it! No Im not a push over but everytime I think of all the hurt I've done in the past, maybe I deserve it! Or maybe not! How will know? I just keep trying while she stays just out of reach but always there to make me feel bad am I dumb???
lild161 lild161
22-25, M
Sep 17, 2012