How Do You Forget?

How do you let him go when he was your first love?How do you forget all the pain someone has put you through? How do you forget someone telling you to be better everyday, because your worthless? How do you move on and be happy with other guys after that first love broke, shattered, and tore apart your heart over and over and over again. Who leaves a girl after 3 years off and on after her best friend and sister dies? How do you forget that? How do you look at them everyday in school and still have your heart skip a beat every time you look at them? Will you ever get past the pain? Will you ever be able to love again? How do you rid yourself of all those harsh words he said to you? And how do you forget that he used you over and over and over again? How do you f o r g e t ? . < / 3
bittersweetlullaby bittersweetlullaby
18-21, F
Sep 19, 2012