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My mom and dad were always fighting when i was llittle. i saw my dad throw my mom down stairs one day i told him to stop and he told me that i could shut up and leave with my fat ***. i was so hurt. my mom left some years later and my dad made me take care of my brother and get good grades and i did . my mom stayed in touch and i visited her offen. my dad was always gone to work on a date or did not say much to me. i was lonely my brother begin to hang around friends but i never really had many friends cause i always had to be home with my brother. i got pregnant my late year of school and i still did good in school. but at home all i would hear was how i messed up my life and my dad and and my grandmother even tried to get me to get an abortion. Always yelled at me adpregnancy
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Jan 15, 2013