Welcome To My The Life My Parents Made For Me

So after dad comes in and the demanding the yelling the running to mom to ask for support no help is given and only a lecture this is when the depression sinks in and all I can do is cry hot tears and hid under my desk in the corner of my room and wait for a miracle to come save me from this nightmare of a family I hate this house and how its turning me completely insane my psychological health is slowly slipping away and I’m trying soo hard to avoid these confrontations but now it seems their coming to me…..I need help and I don’t know who I can trust anymore please some body anybody come save me I don’t want to live in hell anymore please

and that was from when i was 13 at the age of 17 its still the same only now instead of the fights being about how i act its about if  im going going to make something out of my life and now im on medication and thought of as psyco by my own mother and my father doesnt care only wants to make some one els life better so yea ive been abused by being yelled at talked down to screamed at even slaped around and sat on pulled pushed so welcome to my life

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18-21, F
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You would be welcome to fall into my arms,<br />
and find comfort there, <br />
not just for a moment, <br />
but for a life time to share :)

Baby girl, you are a diamond and you should shine! I understand that this is hard for you. I grew up in a home where my mom was abused for nine years. So was I and my sister. It hurts to feel pain. especoally when it is at home. You would feel like you have no place to go. You dread going home because you know something might happen. You pray for it to end. Keep your head up. It is going to be rough but, the storm will pass. Don't let it bring you down. That just fuels the fire. Be as strong as you can. Take up extracurricular activities. Find a hobby that you love the most. Set some goals and go with it. You can also PM me too. I can say that I have been through what you have also. It is tough. You don't have to go through this alone. You are young and vibrant!!! When you look in the mirror, You say to yourself that you are beautiful and your place on this earth does have a purpose. You are meant to do great things in your life. We all are. You will be that someone everybody looks up to. *hugs* :)

Hey there, it's really good of you to let it out, that's the first step to things getting better. Problems are best shared with others because we get to help you with your heavy burden by encouraging you and being there for you. Trust is never easy when one has been abused and neglected by their own parents and it's understandable that you feel the way you do. If you want to talk about your problems or just talk in general or anything you can PM me. You don't have to go through this alone. I don't know you but I have an idea of the pain you are going through and I'd like to help in any way I can. *hugs*